We are passionate about helping bookkeeping and accountancy businesses improve their governance and AML compliance. We understand that many practitioners worry they are not complying with AML legislation and fear an inspection from their supervisory body. We love to work with practices to ensure full compliance and understanding of the legislation providing confidence and peace of mind to the practitioner. Building a compliance culture into everyday activities so it becomes second nature and not seen as an unnecessary chore.

Why Calathea Solutions? The Calathea houseplant symbolises new beginnings. The calathea turns its leaves over in the dark giving rise to the saying "turning over a new leaf". We believe that it is never too late to review and revise your policies or even implement new policies to ensure compliance. With Calathea Solutions Ltd you do not need to fear the discovery of breaches instead you can rest assured that should we find any gaps in practice or policy we will help you to rectify the issue without passing judgment

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