"I came across Calathea Solutions when I was looking for someone to review my anti money laundering procedures and I am so pleased I did. Mike carried out an external AML audit followed by a review of my policy documents. I have come away from this with a new confidence that the policies and procedures I have in place are AML compliant and a greater understanding. I will definitely be signing up to the support package and any training course that is available."

- Sarah Neve, MICB PM Dip

"Lucy has proven policy writing skills showing fantastic attention to detail, being able to emphasise key points without bamboozling with technical jargon. Her quiet strength of character is formidable without being overwhelming. Mike handled my AML inspection (whilst a PBS inspector) in a very calm way despite it being a stressful situation. Mike made me feel very at ease. Lucy and Mike have both demonstrated their knowledge of AML and are excellent at calmly handling tricky situations."

- Kirsty St John, Kirsty's Counting Services Ltd

"Lucy is extremely well respected by her clients and held in high esteem by the industry. Her work ethics and diligence are exemplary and she would be a credit to assist any organisation"

- Terry Ramm, TLR bookkeeping and Taxation.

I had the pleasure of working for Mike in the financial services sector for several years. Mike is an experienced investigator and trainer and has excellent knowledge of AML and the wider financial crime arena and its impact on business. He can be relied upon to offer impartial, quality advice and support in relation to compliance, policy, identification of risk and mitigation, all delivered in a friendly non-judgmental way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike and the services his company provides as he would be an asset to any organisation.

- Paul Rai - Manager Financial Services Switzerland

Mike is very approachable and a pleasure to deal with. Whenever I have had a query, he has quickly responded in a considered way, rather than just giving stock answers. I have found that the issue with AML is not just knowing what the rules are, but how to interpret them in different circumstances. He listens carefully to the question and considers it without judgement, looking at it from the practitioner’s point of view and giving background and context to the answer. This has meant that I have been confident about how to apply the knowledge in practical terms, not just to the issue at hand but to other situations.

- Julie Branham FICB P.M.Dip The Number Box

Mike, wishing you and Lucy all the very best with your new venture. May I also take this opportunity to say thank you for all your work keeping us up to date with all the AML requirements. I'm sure there are many businesses out there that will be grateful for a helping hand.

- Sarah Dybeck Bookkeeping

Mike has extensive knowledge of the UK anti money laundering regime and financial crime risks affecting the financial services sector and wider community. Developing AML policy and the tactical and strategic direction of the AML inspection regime for a Professional Body Supervisor. With his knowledge, experience and friendly manner I would not hesitate in recommending the services Mike and Lucy offer to help conform with the Money Laundering Regulations.

- Stephen Hardwick - Retired (West Yorkshire Police Head of Economic Crime. Senior Manager UK Financial Intelligence Unit, National Crime Agency. Director of AML Compliance, Professional Body Supervisor).

Lucy has the ability to impart her extensive knowledge of AML at a level which everyone can engage with. Her approach not only brings a deeper understanding but also a fresh perspective to inspire greater confidence when dealing with AML regulations. Having run a successful bookkeeping practice herself, Lucy is able to communicate her knowledge in a practical way, helping others to see how important compliance is and how that will benefit ongoing success.

- Paula Veysey-Smith M:Power Accounting Services Limited

I have known Mike since 2018 when he provided several presentations to me and a group of my bookkeeping colleagues. He was a breath of fresh air and his professional attitude, communication skills, knowledge, empathy and kindness as an AML Inspector soon became very evident to me. Over the last 4-5 years I have never heard anything but praise for Mike and I would recommend Mike to any organisation who might consider using his services to help understand AML, how to conform to the legislation and protect their business.

- Michael Johnson BSc Hons, C.FICB Proprietor - Accounting Link

You and your firm are exactly what the industry needs to support AML

- Client Engager - Complete Practice Management System For Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Calathea Solutions provide help and support to enable you to have confidence that you are AML compliant. Their AML audit is thorough and they are able to advise you of areas that could be improved. They also provide an annual support package to keep you up to date with changes in legislation and answer any queries you may have. They have identified a much needed gap in the market. Highly recommended.

- Carol Shipley FICB PM.dip CS Bookkeeping Services