Meet us

Calathea / Lucy Brown

  Lucy Brown BSc FIAB

After initially working in a range of bookkeeping and accounting roles, Lucy took up a role in a team administering the pension funds of one of the Top 3 UK banks.  Whilst working in this role she was responsible for:

  • Team Management
  • Gap Analysis
  • Skills Matrix
  • Training

She then moved on to a project working with an international partner to scope a new pensions administration system.  This work drew on expertise in:

  • Workflow Management
  • Process mapping
  • Systems design
  • Test design and implementation
  • Interpretation of pension scheme rules and legislation

After a career break, Lucy went into practice as a bookkeeper, growing and developing a successful bookkeeping practice that she then sold.  Whilst in practice as a bookkeeper, Lucy developed and implemented policy and processes to ensure that the business was compliant with all legislative requirements, including Anti Money Laundering legislation.

Having successfully sold the business, Lucy then worked for one of the supervisory bodies supporting members to meet their legislative obligations and satisfy professional standards. In this role Lucy provided training, worked to raise awareness, and provided advice to a wide variety of members – alongside overseeing the mandatory penalty regime and developing an independent appeals process.

Lucy provides professional advice focusing on the following areas:

  • AML
  • Policy Development
  • Training
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Business Processes
Calathea / Mike Jardine

  Mike Jardine BA Hons

Mike has spent the last 40+ years investigating serious organised crime both nationally and internationally working with:

  • UK Police
  • National Criminal Intelligence Service
  • Serious Organised Crime Agency
  • National Crime Agency
  • Europol and Interpol.

After retiring from law enforcement Mike worked as a consultant for one of the top UK banks on their AML remediation project. He then worked for another top UK Bank where he was Deputy Head and instrumental in the establishment of the Global Insider Threat investigation team investigating:

  • Insider Threats
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Bribery and Corruption

In 2018 Mike became an AML Inspector with one of the Accountancy Sector Professional Body Supervisors and as such is aware of the inspection process, what constitutes a compliant and non compliant inspection and any ramifications. In November 2020 he became the Deputy Director and Deputy MLRO of the body’s AML Compliance team and later became the Director of Compliance and MLRO, heading the team of intelligence researchers and inspectors.

Mike provides professional advice focusing on the following areas:

  • AML Compliance and the Inspection Process
  • Financial Crime and Fraud
  • Investigations
  • Insider Threats
  • Training